Optical Underground was founded by Lloyd Silverstein, the third generation of an optical family that’s helped San Francisco see better for almost 102 years. Our lineage has allowed us to develop unique relationships with some of the world’s most chi-chi eyewear and sunglass designers. As in, we ordered some of their very first products before they became big names. In return, they give us dibs on their overstocks, samples and discontinued styles.

Our designers also trust us to be discreet, which is why we can’t say their names in public. For that info, head for our INSIDERS page. And rest assured, we only buy the good stuff – and only if it’s a great value. Made greater with the Optical Underground warranty on everything we sell.

If you don’t find the perfect frame or sunglass on a particular visit, worry not. Our inventory changes constantly, and if you come back in a week or two, you’re bound to find new temptations.